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I so desperately wanted to love Versailles. The history, the splendor! Marie Antoinette! But sadly, Versailles was a bit disappointing. Don’t get me wrong – it is beautiful and opulent and worth seeing, but you better be prepared for the thousands of other people pushing in on you from all sides. That’s right – Versailles has been overrun.

There were so many people that I could barely move around. I’m sure the Hall of Mirrors is spectacular, but there was so many people packed in there I could barely see it. Forget getting to the front of displays: you’ll be fighting with hundreds of other people just to move from room to room.

And you better be prepared to wait a really long time to get in, even if you have advanced tickets or a Paris Museum Pass.

The gardens were slightly better. You at least have room to breath. And the other two sites, the Petite Trianon and Marie’s Antoinette’s house are far less crowded than the main palace.

I guess what I’m saying is not that you should skip Versailles, but that you should manage your expectations. If you are a romantic or a history buff like me, you might be a little disappointed by how tourist-ridden the site is.

What do you think? What was your experience at Versailles?

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